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Jewish Quarter in Prague, Czech Republic

We use the most competent and trained guides, all fully-licensed, and we take pride in our happy mission to meet our visitors’ every need. It is a pleasure to make sure that our customers are always comfortable and always satisfied with our high-quality tours.

Our staff, the guides and office staff, are a group of young and middle-aged dynamic people who are ready to help you at all times. All people with Precious Legacy Tours are knowledgeable in history and experienced in customer service. We are friendly and we are welcoming if you would like to stop by and say ‘hello’, or have some coffee.

To visit Prague is to step back into centuries-old history and to find oneself among outstanding wonders of preservation. The ‘Golden City’s’ ancient architecture and alluring designs, unique to this part of the world, have no rivals. Prague is a cherished destination for millions of people who come here each year to see the famous Jewish Quarter, founded over a millennium ago! Guests who visit the Jewish Quarter can see in person the oldest continuously-used synagogue north of the Alps, and a cemetery of impossibly stacked tombstones, each one older than the next, an amazing testament to the past. An important feature of the Jewish Quarter is The Jewish Museum, a complex of four former synagogues housing one of the world's largest collections of Judaica - our Precious Legacy.

Jewish quarter Prague, Jewish PragueThere is so much to see and experience in Prague, both for learning about history and for simply treating the senses. The Hradcany Castle complex is one example of a breath-taking attraction of historical greatness. Once the seat of Bohemian kings and the Holy Roman Empire, today it holds the office of the Czech President. On the grounds of the castle is ‘Golden Lane‘, an old cobblestone street dividing rows of sixteenth-century townhouses, where once lived soothsayers and alchemists, as well as writer Franz Kafka (The Metamorphosis). Prague offers many additional sites of historical interest and old-world charm, as well as many terrific collections and museums.

It is our business to ensure that each individual client is met with care, and allowed to discover and delight in the places we relish sharing. We strive to make sure that every guest will get the absolute most out of a visit to our beautiful city and country. At the end of the day, it is a wonderful feeling to recognize our success by the reactions of our clients. When the tour is over and the travelers have gone home, many have been very kind in expressing their accolades for us in writing, and very dear in becoming our friends over the years. We look forward to welcoming you, and giving you an amazing and memorable encounter with the Czech Republic!

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