Precious Legacy Tours can arrange accommodations for you at 1 to 5-star hotels, or at private apartments starting from 40 Euros per person per night.

Why choose a private apartment?

Because you have your own key to your apartment and to the building, it offers you total privacy. The apartments we offer are very centrally located, within walking distance to all the central attractions and the synagogues. Fully equipped with televisions, microwave, dishes, bedding, and more, it is a great option for the independent traveler. Even though the apartment complex does not include a breakfast, you can order breakfast or use your kitchen. Nice little coffee shops are conveniently located close by. Considering the location in the center of the city, a private apartment is a much better value than a hotel room of equivalent quality.

We also arrange hotel bookings, if this is what you prefer, so please just get in touch with your request!