Do you want to learn how Jewish people were already present in the region of Prague in the year 906 as merchants and traders (almost 600 years before Columbus discovered America)? Do you want to hear how they settled here and what they did? Would you like to know why local rulers allowed Jewish people to stay in this territory at all? Why in some cases were they not allowed to stay in the big cities and only the villages and small towns? Why there is a Moorish-style, Spanish Synagogue in Prague? Why the Ashkenazi Jews, not the Sephardi Jews, use the Spanish Synagogue? Why the name of the Jewish Quarter is “Josefov” and who was Josef? Do you want to learn about typical local Jewish traditions and customs, such as weddings, circumcision, and funerals? How it is different to be a religious person in the Communist era and the present from the Jewish point of view? Why the Nazis did not destroy the Jewish sites in Prague? Why the Prague Jewish Museum has the largest Judaica collection in the Diaspora? How the new law of restitution is functioning? What was the fate of Jewish properties and businesses after the Nazi regime? Do you want to see hidden Jewish local sites not otherwise open to the public, for example Midrash and Mikve?

Do you want to meet with a Holocaust survivor who is a leader of the Prague Jewish Community and federation (subject to availability)? Do you want to taste traditional Jewish-style food like strudel and rugelach (Kosher and non-Kosher)? Do you want to know who the Golem was? How the Golem become so famous that today you can buy so many Golem souvenirs, even a usb drive in the shape of Golem? Why, during the communist regime, religious practices were restricted but synagogues and churches were still open for services?

We would like to satiate your curiosity! Consider booking a tour to explore and answer such questions as these. We would like to share all of this with you.